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IoT (Internet of Things) is not new to our field, and unknowingly already used in many areas of life and intimate technology is going to spread widely. Expernet already has a variety of underlying technologies such as Multi-Sensor, Gateway, Mobile App, Cloud, and machine learning using Big Data. By developing the creative items and services, and convergence with other manufacturing sector in the IoT environment, Expernet will provide the best products and services in the IoT market.

Smart Home & Office

Gateway Node & Sensor Nodes

Obtains the respective object (sensor) information from the sensor node

The gateway node provides a meaningful information by collecting and delivering the data from the sensor node,

Offers a variety of sensor nodes by purpose

Additional function (picture frames, multimedia, calendar, etc.)

Convergence with Legacy Products

Provides additional IoT features to an existing product

Provides situational awareness service utilizing big data as well as simple network functionality (Example : lighting control which

   combines the time and sensing information)

Smart Switch

Smart Door Lock

Smart LED Lamp

Smart remote control

Smart fusion


Hit Items & Services

Develops new products with creative ideas

Develops new services combining the IoT technologies


DRONEIT is a new brand of drone industry which is a compound word of DRONE, IT and IOT.  DRONEIT can pioneer and develop new market based on drone planning, development and manufacturing technology and IT / IOT technology and can bring synergy effect with existing industry


Accurately analyze market conditions and needs to provide self-planning for drone airframe and system to    

    suit market flow


FCC, GCS customization and core technology internalization (automatic operation, collision avoidance,

    remote control, mission execution, automatic charging, etc.)

Development of digital video transmission and reception system

Platform Service

• Cloud-based operation / management service platform development

• Manufacturing - Distribution - Operation - Management linkage service

• Provides analysis services for various tasks


• Has various manufacturing capabilities combining planning / design / design technology

• Securing optimal parts distribution base (China, USA, Canada, etc.) / Establishing low cost mold supplier


• Localization of IoT convergence FC board and chip, video transmission and reception system

DRONE Product & System

Based on a market analysis, we are constantly developing customized hardware and software for our customers by identifying the exact demand and needs of UAV


Developed all kinds of UAV including rotor blade, fixed wing, helicopter type

Various tasks such as pesticide spraying, military operations, facility surveillance, aerial surveying

A versatile platform that can customize to meet your needs

GCS System

Construction of digital video transmission / reception system based on LTE communication

Routing through the automatic navigation system, optimum automatic operation support

Real-time gaseous condition monitoring, including flight mode, altitude, speed, and distance


Release of  FPV type Drone - IRON250, IRON X1

Full Carbon Frame
    - the World Leader

Block design for easy assembly, disassembly, and tuning


Release of Educational Drone
   - Edurone 100, Edurone 250, Edurone 250Kit

Teaching material Of After-School Education

Development regular curriculum schedule for Education

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